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The Glitter Girls

The Glitter Girls

The Glitter Girls was the only full-run production performed in 2020 before FSLT was closed due to the pandemic.

Impact of COVID-19

In 2020, we performed The Glitter Girls and an off-season production, Radium Girls, before being forced to close in March 2020. Government directives regarding crowd limitation and social distancing restrictions for the audience, on-stage, and back-stage areas were stringent. Under those regulations, it was not fiscally or physically possible for us to perform in our facility, so we remained shuttered for eighteen months. After regulations were lifted, we excitedly reopened in September, 2021. It

Description of Roles


Light Up The Sky – Director Melissa Vitale

Miss Nan Lowell – A trimly tailored young lady, ghost-writing Miss Livingston’s autobiography, has acted in a few plays herself. 20-30 years old.

Carleton Fitzgerald – The director of the play. Dramatic. Carleton never simply enters a room, but rather pervades it. 40-65 years old.

Frances Black – The producer’s wife. Wealthy, but doesn’t put on airs. Tells it like it is. Certainly not afraid to give her opinion. Loves to play gin with Stella Livingston. Age 40s-60s.

Owen Turner – A visiting playwright, known by those in theatre circles.