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The Fort Smith Little Theatre is an all volunteer organization and has been since it was founded in 1947. All casts and crews are staffed through open public audition. Volunteers are always welcome onstage, backstage and in administrative roles. You can create your own schedule, learn new skills, and meet new friends. From answering phones to painting sets to acting on-stage, there’s a job for everyone!

Get In On the Act!

One easy way to volunteer is to come to auditions.  All audition dates are posted here and on social media. Generally, rehearsals are held Monday-Friday evenings. You are expected to be present whenever scenes involving your character are being rehearsed which could potentially be five nights per week during the rehearsal period. A rehearsal schedule will be provided by the Director.

Play A Leading Or Supporting Role

Even if you do not wish to audition for an on-stage role, you can meet the show’s Director and offer to help backstage.  Alternately, you can contact FSLT through social media or email to to express your interest in volunteering.

FSLT is managed by elected officers and a Board of Directors. Most operational committees are chaired by a Board member who is assisted by other volunteers. For your reference, many of our volunteer opportunities are outlined below.


Show Cast and Crew
(Commitment is per production, selected and supervised by show's director)

Overall manager of entire production. Interprets and executes their vision of the production. Selects actors and crew members. Directors lead the morale of the production and clarify all duties of each production participant. The Board of Directors would become involved in or intervene with a show Director’s decision should the reputation of FSLT or safety of our audience or volunteers was in question. Detailed responsibilities are provided in writing by the Production committee.

Takes on role of Director in his/her absence. May have specified duties according to the needs of the Director. Oftentimes, the Assistant Director is in a training position to assume the role of directing a future production.

Does everything from empty trash to manage financial aspects of the production. Maintains condition of theatre and performs other duties as agreed to with the Director. Detailed responsibilities are provided in writing by the Production committee.

Works directly with director, cast, and crew (props, lights and sound, wardrobe, etc.) to move the production through all technical aspects. Supervises sets moving on/off the stage, actors being ready for stage entry, giving the “ready” signal to the light/sound booth crew to start the show at curtain time and after intermission.

Responsible for obtaining and maintaining the property of the production. This includes preset of props, cleanliness of items used, and proper return of all property. Purchase of any property is under the guidance of the director.

Responsible for obtaining and maintaining all wardrobe for the production. This role meets the vision of the director in creating the character. Responsibilities also include cleaning and return of wardrobe. Purchase of any wardrobe items is under the guidance of the director.

Responsible for the design and construction of a show’s set as well as tear down of that set after the run of the show. Building and painting are often done on the weekend when rehearsals are not taking place.

Responsible for meeting the vision of the director as to the look of each character. Assists actors with creating the appearance of the character.

Responsible for the lighting and sound needs for each production, including setting all light and sound cues and ensuring execution of the cues. Anyone working on lights and/or sound equipment must be deemed adequately trained on the equipment by the lights/sound committee chairman.

Responsible for bringing the director’s vision of each character to life and overall representation of the production. Required to be present and prepared at all scheduled rehearsals and performances.

FSLT Operations
(Includes Board of Directors chairperson and other volunteers)

Responsible for pre-show and intermission food and drinks on Opening Nights and intermission beverages at all other performances. This committee’s volunteers also check tickets and usher patrons to their seats. Volunteers sign up for these shifts before each production.

Responsible for online ticketing system, assisting patrons with ticket purchases on the phone and at the door. Volunteers sign up for these shifts before each production. Training includes instruction on our very user-friendly ticketing system.

Responsible for maintaining and organizing wardrobe storage, including inventory as necessary, and overseeing the loaning of any and all items per written policy.

Responsible for the prop room, including organization of items, inventory as necessary, accepting donations.

Responsible for overseeing the sale of Season Tickets between November 1 – January 31 and troubleshooting any sale issues.

Responsible for recruitment of potential directors and productions, organizing and leading a committee toward the selection of each year’s production calendar. This committee is generally active from March through July when the proposed season is presented to the Board of Directors for approval.

Responsible for our building’s exterior and interior maintenance This includes duties such as changing light bulbs, managing the HVAC thermostat programming and landscape sprinklers, maintaining adequate inventory of cleaning equipment and supplies, and contracting with professional services as needed.

Each of the six full-run productions during a season is committed to providing an exclusive Tuesday night performance which is sold to a business or non-profit. This committee is responsible for selling/scheduling those six performances, invoicing/collecting their payments, serving as FSLT liaison to those groups prior to and on that Dark Night evening.

Each of the six full-run productions during a season provides a Dress Rehearsal performance. It may may be used as a private performance or invitations may be sent by FSLT to senior, youth, and at-risk groups. This committee manages who is attending each Dress Rehearsal and handles any invitations that are issued. lights/sound committee chairman.

This committee is the ‘public face’ of FSLT. Responsible for the promotion of FSLT activities. Works closely in conjunction with the Publication and Website committees. Publicity duties include sending media press releases, maintaining our FSLT Facebook page, and responding promptly to social media inquiries. Social media posts include but are not limited to auditions, productions, cast list announcements, and public Thank Yous to businesses for services discounted/donated. Also creates “slide show” for lobby TV for 8 productions during the year.

Responsible for creating, printing and sending annual season brochure; creating, printing and sending seven issues annually of our Spotlight newsletter; publishing show programs for six full run productions; and creating and printing a four-page program insert of show-specific information for all productions.

Responsible for sending a thank you (by mail or through online ticketing system) to all patrons who make an Annual Fund donation during the year. Maintain an up-to-date list by donation category to be sent to the printer for insertion in show programs six times annually, and post on the website as donations are received.

Responsible for soliciting show sponsors, applying for grants, soliciting donations from businesses for services/supplies, assisting treasurer with financial management decisions, preparing materials for an annual CPA business review.

Responsible for the on-stage lighting equipment, including replacement of bulbs, maintaining an inventory of light gels, and general system maintenance. Responsible for maintenance of sound board equipment including corded and wireless mics. Responsible for seeing that anyone using sound and light boards is adequately trained and qualified to use our equipment.

Responsible for the maintenance of the shop, including tools, equipment, and set material. Assists with striking of sets after each production.

Responsible for maintaining the site. This includes updates before and after each production, before and after the sale period for season passes and making other edits as needed.

Responsible for managing patron email addresses through icontact, an online contact management service, and coordinating with the publication committee the sending of all patron emails (Spotlight newsletters, new season announcement, etc.).