Back to the Future


FSLT Renovation Project

In 2012, the Fort Smith Little Theatre marked two significant events:
continuously operating for 65 years and performing in our current facility
for 25. In celebration of these major milestones, FSLT announced a very
important project.

The project involves an extensive renovation of our lobby, bathrooms, and
lightbooth. Steadily developed over the past several years, the project will
repair our public areas, preserve our history, and improve our use of space.

It will involve organizing and preserving the documentation of our history,
taking us back through our colorful past. At the same time, the repairs and
renovations will provide an updated appearance to move us forward and
prepare our facility for the next 25 years of performances. In other words,
we┬╣re going Back To The Future.



From reconfiguring our lobby heat and air, to replacing the water fountain, the repairs will be both large and

small. As the symbol of FSLT, our stained glass Harlequin Man will be restored and specially lighted in a

new place of prominence.


Our cast photos are fading rapidly; soon, many will not be legible. The photos will be digitally preserved,

posted on our website, and displayed on large monitors in our lobby. Show programs, newsletters, and

newspaper articles accumulated since 1947 will be organized.


Without expanding the building, we will improve our use of space. The plan includes expanding overhead

storage, reconfiguring the box office, and replacing the vertical ladder with safer access to the light booth.

Thanks to prudent fiscal management and some significant gifts designated for this project, work will begin very

soon. Construction will be scheduled in stages to accommodate production dates and the availability of

funding. With your financial support, the work can be accelerated and the project completed this summer.

This is an important project for our theatre. Please consider giving whatever you can. Donations may be made

online at or by sending your gift with the form provided on the reverse side. We sincerely appreciate

your patronage and hope you will join us on our journey Back To The Future.


Nancy Blochberger

FSLT Funding Chairman, 479.651.3339