Back to the Future Renovation Project Donors ’12-’13

In 2012, the Fort Smith Little Theatre marked two significant events: continuously operating for 65 years and performing in our current facility for 25. In celebration of these major milestones, FSLT announced a very important project.

It involved organizing and preserving the photos and documents of our history, taking us back through our colorful past. At the same time, plans were developed to renovate our lobby, restrooms, light booth, and box office to move us forward and prepare our facility for the next 25 years of performances. Thus, the project was aptly named Back To The Future.

The symbol of FSLT, the stained glass Harlequin Man, was restored and moved to a center window place of prominence. Cast photos, which were fading rapidly, were digitally preserved, displayed on large monitors in our lobby, and posted on this website for everyone to enjoy. New HVAC and energy efficient lights and windows were installed. Without expanding the building, our use of space was maximized in storage areas, the box office, and the light booth. The changes were extensive, and required more than a year of fund-raising and construction which had to be scheduled around our productions.

This massive undertaking could not have been accomplished without the generous support of vendors and patrons. To everyone who supported this project, we offer our heartfelt thanks.

Click Here to download the list of those who have donated to this project.

Click Here to download the list of those who have donated goods and services to our renovation.